Sunday, August 21, 2011

Answer to Command Decision Bocage Questions

From this post I received some answers on the Command Decision Test of Battle forum:

This one from Jake Strangeway, the author.
Where he said:

"1. Is a unit spotted behind bocage if they fire, yet the rules say that you have to be on the edge of bocage to see the units."

Bocage blocks LOS - so, if a unit is not at the edge of the bocage, anyone outside the bocage, assuming they were not at a higher elevation, cannot see them.

"2. I'm also wondering about what units see at different levels. In the picture in the lower left, with the gigantic ruler of god over the battlefield, I'm wondering if the BCo (the US Stands behind the bocage, nearest the hill would have been spotted when crossing over the bocage in the back (Where CCo now resides.) toward the spot where they are now.

I think not because the level two bocage is always closer to the US troops than to the Germans. Now, I'm not confident of the BN HQ atop the level 2 hill. Based on what I read in the rules, I don't think so."

Bocage is level 1, not 2, but still, the stands on the the hill cannot see the stands past the far bocage because the near bocage is still closer to the US stands than it is to the German stands. Now, if the hill were level 4, it could (i.e. 3 levels higher than the bocage) then the German stands on it would be able to see over the bocage and see all the US troops.
This one from a sticky topic on bocage.
 For some reason I was under the impression bocage was level 2 in this scenario. I'm going to finish playing the game this way, but will have to change it for next time.

Here's the sticky topic on bocage on the forum.

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