Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Mini Game Should I Play

This question was posted to me on BGG


I really enjoyed your videos on movement in CoC.

I'm a total noob to ww2 miniature gaming and I'm looking for a set of rules to learn and play (and eventually start up a group in my area).

I'm not entirely sure if I want platoon sized games or something company or more.

I've read Schwere Kompanie and I really like them, but I'm wondering if there are "better" rules out there.

Is CoC a good set of rules to get into if you're a novice like myself?

Thank you


Better is completely relative/subjective. Funny thing, I've never read the rules you referenced. Those videos are as far as I got into CoC. I'm going to start up learning those again here in the near future. Look on YouTube for Too Fat Lardies and they give a very detailed set of videos on playing CoC.

I've recently tried Disposable Heroes (same scale as CoC) it was enjoyable and will try again. 

There's also Battlegroup by Iron Fist. Buy the $10-15 rulebook and a supplement of a theatre you like. It can be played from Squad to Battalion. Very little experience with it but it's learnable for a noob. 

There's of course Bolt Action (I didn't enjoy.) and Flames of War - never played, didn't enjoy the rulebook. But with those two game systems you can find players pretty easily.)

In Skirmish level there's also Rate of Fire (played a little bit and will try again.). And Fireball Forward (no experience).

There's a free set of platoon scale called Fubar with a WWII expansion. Google it. 

For Company/Battalion there's IABSM or I Ain't Been Shot Mum by Too Fat Lardies. Played a couple times, ok.

Crossfire is a very popular one at company and larger battles - no experience.

Finally Combat HQ is a new comapby/battalion set out. There's a free armor version. 

My all time favorite and the one I go back to again and again is Blitzkrieg Commander II. Pendraken recently acquired them and is putting out a 3rd edition soon. But I just really dig the rules.

You can find pretty good videos on most of these games on YT. I've got a few under the channel - Itinerant Hobbyist. I also have a blog at

With rules you have to buy, read, and test a few before you find your set. And I've come to terms that I really enjoy simply reading through the rules of various games. You'll find one thing that every mini gamer does is house rule their mini games. It's very easy to do and makes it your own. 


  1. I'm also a big fan of BKC. I'm so impatient, waiting for Pendraken to get the book out. My group has also been playing Battlegroup PanzerGrenadier. I think you might really like them. Here's our batrep:

    1. thank you for the info - I'll look into it

      And I am also eagerly awaiting this new BKC