Saturday, July 16, 2016

Smaller scale terrain ideas

This is from Chris' Micro Armor feed on FB - it appears to be a WWI aerial game being played at Historicon. This is how I wanted to make some tables when a stand equals a company or larger. 

They appear to be skewing here - but I couldn't download them for my records so I copy and pasted them here for reference later.


  1. Todd, there's a board game that's had a fitful march towards getting released called Sector Commander, that has game maps very similar to those pictured above:

    Sector Commander caught my eye about 3 years ago as it progress forward (towards an unsuccessful KickStarter campaign), and is now just becoming available in an introductory form as a downloadable content and Print On Demand product on Wargames Vault:

    The jury is out on the actual game itself, since it's just been released (I've not had a chance to play it), but the two Sector Commander game boards look nicely done for tabletop use, or 3D conversion.

    1. I agree on conversion, but seems messy getting the actual game out. Thank you for sharing this info.