Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review of Combat HQ by Jim Bambra

 I joined Jim's team of readers he's recruited to help him test out new ideas and as a resource to be an advance reader (which means a free copy of the rules...however, in this case, I'd bought them before I joined.) and provide a review of what I think. 

Perhaps many rules writer's do this, but this is my first experience I appreciate a creator looking out for ideas and constructive help in creating their products. 

To the rules. I downloaded his free set of armor rules (still available as of this writing) and then ended up purchasing the full set, which should say something. As of now, I've only played a small sample solo game of the armor rules. 

If you download the armor rules you will get a good idea of the flow of the full set which includes infantry, arty, and a few special rules about motorbikes, machine guns, open-topped vehicles etc. He's talking about future books covering more details like airborne, amphibious, etc. It would be nice to have it all in one book, but there's plenty here to keep most gamers busy. And his prices are so reasonable, that I don't mind the idea of paying a little for each release. 

Oh, there are a few army lists, US, German, Soviet, and Commonwealth - all late war. However, if you go to Jim's website he's been adding lists on his website, lardy style.
What I like most about these rules is that he covers them very thoroughly and from the perspective of a gamer. From what you need to play as far as markers onto the most simple steps to begin playing. Perhaps this comes from his computer game programming background where you must be detailed and thorough. 

That said, they're not complicated. I would say they're more complicated than my favorite set of miniature rules, Blitzkrieg Commander II and less complicated than one of my top five, Command Decision: Test of Battle.

I heartily recommend them for gamers looking for miniature rules where the stand = platoon and they want to fight engagements from WWII because of their details and low cost.

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