Thursday, January 22, 2015


GD '42 by MMMP (Multiman Publishing) of their TCS game system (Tactical Combat Series)... AIC? (Am I crazy?) 

This is my first attempt at this system. We'll see how far I go down this rabbit hole. Kev and Lee have some videos on it. Mainly AARs but there's something to be gleaned from them. Also, there are a couple of long form blogs that follow campaigns. I will link to those another time.

My first steps were understanding LOS (I'll use simplified method.), get the pieces out for the first scenario, 4.1, and play around without the Op Sheets until I get a good feel for the mechanics and sequence of play. But I definitely want to try the op sheets. I think this is a good concept for any gaming to keep you focused. In addition, I think it might be a good thing for solo gaming.

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