Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Thank you to my two new followers:
Tobi - who has a blog at http://tobispaintpot.blogspot.de/
Grigork - who has a blog at http://thewargamingmegalomaniac.blogspot.com/

And another thank you to all my followers and readers for the comments and reads. I also thank all the bloggers and others on Facebook, twitter, and BoardGameGeek who share their ideas, talents, AARs about this fun hobby of gaming and modelling. It's been fun getting to "know" a few of you over the interwebs.

Some fun numbers:
I registered 91 game plays on BGG this year. My top played games:
Tenzi - 33 (simple dice game my mom had that takes minutes to play.)
Crokinole - 4
Escape - Curse of the Temple - 4
Blitzkrieg Commander - 3
Rory's Story Cube Voyages - 3
Smash Up - 3
Tank on Tank - 3
Kings of War - 2
Lock N Load Heroes of the Blitzkrieg - 2
Lock N Load In Defeat, In Defiance - 2
Tank Tactics Guide, ATS - 2
Other Wargames that I played
Battle Cry
Bolt Action
Combat Commander: Pacific
No Retreat Russian Front
Normandy '44
Stalingrad Pocket
Alpha Strike

Top Blog Posts for 2013
Alpha Strike AAR
Bulge Game Repost
Blitzkrieg Commander AAR of Action at Galmance
Wargamer Taxonomy - What's Your Percentage
Alpha Strike AAR - You'll always remember the First Time
Lock N Load AAR - Phoney War
Gaming Funk and Long Life Ramble

YouTube Stats
84,509 minutes watched
218 Subscribers

Top viewed videos
Blitzkrieg Commander Walk-Through
6mm Army overview
First Painting of 15mm PSC Infantry
PanzerBlitz Situation 8 AAR
Detailed View of 6mm Gaming Table
Storm over Stalingrad AAR

In the next few days I'm going to look at my goals for the year.

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