Monday, December 23, 2013

Battle of the Bulge '81 Game 1 16PM AAR

Immediately I can tell i should be using advanced and optional rules, but I'm sticking with my goal of used basic so I can get a game in quickly...which for me isn't particularly quick.


  1. Arrgghh. You have started playing with this game already! You make me jealous. As i mentioned a little while ago, I have this game on my top 10 for many years to play. I may just have to get it out during the Christmas holidays, even if it is to just stare at the components.

    1. Do it! Get it out and stare at them.

      I bought with the purpose of playing right away for the bulge anniversary.
      With holiday stuff going on, it's taking awhile, but I'll get it done.
      I'm stuck in 20AM German turn at the moment.