Friday, December 6, 2013

Alpha Strike AAR and CGL Looks for Input

Here's an AlphStrike AAR with a great title - Shootout at Lake City.

In addition, Catalyst Game Labs talks about the Master Unit List being completly updated with AlphaStrike stats and they're looking for input for an AS companion.

From the Catalyst Game Labs blog
 From Randall,
Finally, we’ve worked up an outline for an Alpha Strike Companion for publication next year. While we’ve got some great ideas, I felt this was a perfect opportunity for some fan input.
If you’ve played Alpha Strike, what would you like to see in a companion volume to enhance your enjoyment of the game? What all new rules, or perhaps you’ve got some suggestions for some alternate rules…I’ve started a thread in the fan input area of the forums for you guys to bring the thoughts and ideas. Don’t worry if you’re just now picking up the book and giving it a try…we’ll leave that thread open for a good month or more.
Go check out the forum and provide your input for this companion.

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