Monday, November 25, 2013

ASLSK Module Hits Preorder Number

I've been paying attention to this, because I would like to get it when it's released.  It's a historical module for the ASLSK system.  It will be fun to see how the campaign system works and it also introduces off-board arty.

I want to keep into the ASLSK (Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit) system because it's comprehensive, leads into the bigger world of ASL (which i don't see myself joining in the near future), and has a pretty good following around the world.  I was rereading the rules a bit and am convinced now the armor rules aren't too difficult.

My last post was about being in a gaming funk and coming soon you'll see a post about how I'm in a wishy washy place in gaming too.

I apologize in advance to Gary Amos, newest member of the blog, and all the rest of you as you watch me bounce from  thing to thing trying to get my bearing on how I want to spend my little shards of gaming time.

Go to to get your preorder in, or look for it in the next few months at your FLGS.

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  1. Bouncing around in the hobby is just par for the course.