Thursday, October 10, 2013

Saint Maria Infante Unboxing

I'm a sucker for tactical level games.  I should just be content with the ones that I have, Lock N Load or ASLSK.  But alas, I'm not. Not yet, anyway. 

I posted earlier about trying the tank gamers guide from Critical Hit. It was okay, but didn't include infantry. And there weren't many armor cards available.

So, I've been looking to get one of the full games from CH to try it fully out. First of all, my wife runs a small business, my parents have, and most wargamers are small businesses.  So, I know that it's tough to do it.  Especially in this hobby because most people can't do it full time.  Therefore, very select choices have to be made on what can be don and how. That said, this is a tough company to figure out.

I'm not sure what games come with all you need. For example, some of the Basic Games coming out don't come with counters.  You order those separately.  There are more things, but I really need to back off my focus on CH.

So, why am I trying this then?  Because I enjoyed my experience with the tank guide and would like to learn more.  And there's a local group of players that getting together this month to game ATS.  I won't be able to join them.  But just the fact that there are 5+ people joining up means there are potential opponents.

Anyway, because I have an interest in the Italian Campaign, I bought Saint Maria Infante from Enterprise Games.  It's a used copy and was missing the rules and the play aids.  This is okay, because fortunately, I have a copy of the 3.09 rules handy and some fan made play I'm ok. 

BTW, i mentioned this fact to Don, the guy that runs Enterprise Games and he offered to cut open a shrink wrap and make copies for me.  I declined because I already have the rules. Then he offered a small credit to my account for my next purchase for the trouble. Very cool.

If  you're in the market for used or out of print games and magazines, he has good pricing and good service.  He also sells new games.  Again, one guy running the company so be nice.  He's easy to be nice too because he responds to emails and engages with you as a customer.

All this to say, here's  my unboxing video of my copy of Saint Maria Infante:

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