Monday, October 21, 2013

Keith's Early War BKCII AAR

From Keith's Blog - Love it!!!

Keith's Wargaming Blog posted a very cool scenario, I believe of his own creation from the invasion of Poland, 1939.  He used Blitzkrieg Commander rules and it looks very cool. A friend, Dave, was asking how BKCII would play in a  large game.  This is a pretty big one and it doesn't quite get finished.

Anyway, an air assault with planes is cool - check out the picture with the Junkers on final for the airfield - soooo cool!

Go to Keith's Wargaming Blog to read the scenario details and the AAR - lots of pics and a cool hand drawn map.

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  1. Thanks for this AAR link Todd!

    Hmmm, a draw.....very high Falllschirmjager losses (near the break point) w/o securing the objective yet.