Monday, July 1, 2013

Normandy '44 - Turn by Turn Pictures

I took a picture after each turn and decided to stitch them together into a video.  It's fun to see the advance of each of the beaches.


  1. Pretty cool. Was thinking along the same lines with my game of It Never Snows. I'm posting as I go but at the end thought I'd put them all together. Maybe you are starting a new rage.....

    N44 is a darn good game I think. What did you think?

  2. That it pretty neat. I had similar idea for group of pics I'm taking as I play It Never Snows. I'm posting as I go, but thought at the end I could string them together. You beat me to it. This could be the new rage....HA

    I think N44 is pretty darn good game. What did you think?

    1. What did I think? I'm not sure. It offers a deep level of strategy and options. I struggled with the chrome. But this an indication of my abilities, not bad bad design.

  3. Thanks for the effort in putting that together, it was very interesting. If you do so again, I suspect we'd all appreciate your brief commentary on the situation as the turns roll on.

  4. Yes, I thought about a commentary. But that would've required me to remember 20 days of gaming. : )

    Next time I should take notes of one big event a turn so I can do something like that.