Friday, July 5, 2013

Fellow Bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters - You are Forgiven!

I hear/see/read something along the lines of the following, often on people I follow:
"I'm sorry I've not been more consistent on (insert medium here)."

My son/daughter, let me tell you something right now:  You Are Forgiven and I accept your apology on behalf of 98.65% of your loyal followers.

But you know what, you don't have to be sorry, even if you promised us you would do that 73 part series on the battle of Chatacuckamanga.

This is a hobby and real life, our significant others, kids, friends, jobs, church, etc commitments come before this very fun hobby we have. And we all get it if you don't follow through. Even if you got some irritating follower that says things like, "Kev, why haven't you completed that side by side play through of PGG and AVD yet...Kev, come one man."  (Transcript from an 'actual' email to a blogger - kind of.) Just be kind and don't worry about it.  None of us are making money off it, so no worries man.

The most thing, don't worry about our forgiveness. But most assuredly, forgive yourself.  The lead pile.  The game. The blog post will come and will be there. And if doesn't ever get done, it will be okay.

This is the beauty of readers (like feedly etc) and subscription models - when you create something, I will be told. It's great.  I even like the occasional updates that let us know what's going on in your life, even if it is, "Works' been killing me the last 6 months. That is all."

And don't compare yourself to other people you follow. You've no idea of their situation: be it financial, job, marital, kid, name it situation. It's completely different than yours and you can't compare your output to theirs.  You don't know all the facts.

Understand I like quality and want to constantly improve what I do here. I don't want to make excuses for bad work, but I also don't want someone to not share their story just because they don't have an HD camera, or have the slick graphics experience to makes something pretty, or have the time to create daily output.

So I say once more, "You are forgiven, go and blog/youtube/podcast some more.


  1. Agreed...well said!
    Myself, I´m amazed at how some People seem to "get round" and post on all the Blogs, FB, etc.. For me keeping up with life and actually creating something for the Hobby takes a lot of time let alone commenting on every single Hobby related post.

  2. Good job. Now let's see we got Enrico the philosopher king of games, Marco the wizard and you the pope!