Monday, July 29, 2013

Alpha Strike Purchased, Game Chrome, and Blogs

I bought Alpha Strike today, pdf and pre-orderd the book.  It says the book will ship August 20th!  I'm not sure I buy that...but if so, cool.

I bought mine through here.

There is, of course, the PDF only way for $15.00 from DriveThruRPG.

It is pretty cool.  A lot of detail and chrome considering it's to be fast-play.  Still, many charts. There are a few more things for me to cover in my Introductory video series:

Common Game Terms

Physical Attacks

End Phase

Special Abilities

Details - Obviously, you can look into the contents to see the rules that will be added. However, you should know there are 13 pages of charts and tables at the end of the book. That should tell you something about level of complexity you can get to.
  • There are 100 special abilities.
  • Pilot skills can range from 0-7!
  • 13 different types of unit types for movement purposes
  • Aerospace rules - abstract but pretty detailed
  • a C3i module that I've not even attempted to read yet but looks crazy intense
  • 2 pages worth of special terrain ranging from paved roads, buildings, heavy industrial, jungle, magma, swamp to tundra (and a few more mixed in there)
  • Different building types with abilities to destroy them!!!
  • Artillery variations
  • 34 different munitions
  • Spotting rules
  • Hidden movement
  • Smoke and Fire
  • and of course Campaign rules with some cool details
Quick-play doesn't have to mean simple.  There's plenty of complexity here to add some umph.  The only other concern will be the short life that many of these mechs have.

Other bloggers on Alpha Strike:
Btengineer - though disillusioned with BT for some time now, he still "purchased" Alpha Strike and has already created some markers for the minis if you don't have any to play with right away.  You could use his creations printed on heavy stock or stuck to cardstock and get some quick games in.
btengineer's mini proxies
Mikko, On Wargames and Such, with whom I've traded comments concerning Quickstrike sometime back, posted a short entry about buying them.  He also gave me props concerning my videos.  Thank you Mikko.  Go subscribe to his blog, I'm sure you'll see a post or two about it.

Ferb, of Ferb's Fighting Forces, has also posted something about the preview.  However, I'll take this to mean he may be covering more later.

What I would like to see are some posts or videos on how to build and paint these crazy looking miniatures.

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