Thursday, June 13, 2013

Normandy '44 June 12th AAR

St Lo falls to the Allies!  Caen has 2 out of 4 city hexes taken by Allies. Carentan is brutal. One FJ unit lost but also a step lost for the Allies. I need to keep flooding it with troops to take it and then move beyond it.  The Omaha front is weak and the Germans have some good units coming.

As the German  I will move the Tiger into the streets of Caen to root out the Allies otherwise they will be a bear to get out.  I also have to hope for Overcast weather because it allows the Germans to move more quickly on the roads as well as not risking left hand column shifts because of the Jabo table.

If I can get two more city hexes and hold St Lo, it's an auto victory for the Allies.

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