Monday, April 8, 2013

Alpha Strike - More Info from Forums

I went to the Battletech Forums to see what was being said about the Alpha Strike news.  Not a lot.  But one of the users, Nerroth, had taken a couple snippits out of the monthly "battle chat" that Catalyst Game Labs conducts to keep their fans up to date on the latest product developments.

As noted in the most recent round of BattleChats, the upcoming Alpha Strike core module is starting to take shape:

Alpha Strike
[17:45] <Pa_Weasley> Can you give any nuggets of information about the Alpha Strike book/product you mentioned in previous chats? (Sorry if that's already  been asked.)
[17:48] <@Habeas2-Catalyst Representative> At present, the book is well into writing, and is planned to release as a hardcover, full-color supplemental rulebook. The core writing is largely done or well underway, and we have ample material for a series of PDF-exclusive support products that simply wouldn't have fit in there without breaking the bank. Fans of miniature wargaming, in particular, should find it a great resource.
[17:55] <garydee> Is Alpha Strike Quick Strike renamed?
[17:58] <@Habeas2> Garydee - Mmmmmmmmmmaybe?
[18:06] <@Habeas2> Pa_Weasley - You're not the only one.
Alpha Strike:
[01:05] <Jo_Jo_Monkey> Is the Alpha Strike book considered a “core” rulebook?
[01:06] <@Habeas2> Jo_Jo_Monkey - It is core in the same way the A Time of War Companion is considered core, but it is not an actual part of the Total Warfare-Interstellar Ops thing.
[01:38] <Nerroth> Is there a particular era in which Alpha Strike will be set, or will it come with enough rules to allow it to cover all six currently-listed eras?
[01:39] <@Habeas2> Nerroth – Yes
[01:40] <Nerroth> So, if a new player were handed a copy of AS, along with a copy of a 3145 pdf (as and when such a file becomes available), he ir she would have all they need to get started with Quick Stike-level play in the Dark Age era?
[01:41] <Nerroth> I mean, a pdf QS set based on the units in TRO: 3145, akin to the sets already available for the likes of TRO: 3050.
[01:41] <@Habeas2> Nerroth - It is possible, yes.
I don't follow CGL close enough to know how fast they develop product.  So, I've no idea how quickly this might come out. 

Thank you to forum user Nerroth for letting me copy and paste his post.


  1. A hardcover book for the 10 page quick-strike rules? I suppose they're going to fluff it out a lot or it will look plain silly.

  2. Good point Mikko. Now you've got me thinking it could be a while before it comes out. In interviews I've Randall Bills say he's played dust warfare/tactics. And, I believe, Heavy Gear. And hearing how he spoke of it on the video, it will be like one of those books.

  3. There are a few oddities in the QS rules that I think are in need of fine tuning, at least. For example, the maximum speed of a mech is what matters when calculating to hit odds, not the actual speed it traverses. Also, no modification is made based on the speed you move. I think this takes a bit away from the tactics and it's inclusion wouldn't overcomplicate matters. Just plop down a colored bead next to the mech to show how fast it is moving (or place it on the unit card).