Sunday, March 24, 2013

Samurai Testing - Kings of War - Shooting

I refuse to let go of the dream that I may one day paint up a Samurai army.  I must be crazy.  I also like the idea of gaming this or other similar eras, but I go back and forth.  I'm used to manuever and fire tactics from WWII and like them.  Can I get into the more chess-like, manuever and troop placement that ancient through early/mid-19th  century warfare seems to be.

Understand that the last sentence is an uneducated one and how I've observed these games to go.  I also understand that warfare in such a stretch of time isn't dictated by one tactic/discipline.  I was painting with a humongus brush to generalize.

So I keep trying rules to see how I may want to play with these little soldiers if I decide to dive in.  And to see if I like this style of gaming.  I'm looking for fairly simple and fast playing.

Here I test the Kings of War set with 40mm x 20mm blocks and lists I've found on the web.

I had fun playing this short test.

Links to Phil's Blog and some of his Samurai stories
Free Rules from Mantic
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  1. Try 6mm, young man - you could get an army ready within a month or so.

    1. Phil, I've asked for some for bday. We'll see. Baccus 6mm from scale creep miniatures.