Friday, November 9, 2012

Clash at the Crossroads White Star Rising AAR

White Star Rising, the Lock N Load Game of Platoon level WWII boardgame is one that I've played a few times solo. I like it because I can remember most of the rules, plays fairly quickly, and looks good.

However, I've usually left the games not feeling real thrilled. Not sure what it is, but something just wasn't clicking.

But after playing Scenario 2 from the WBC Tournament pack ($3.99) Clash at the Crossroads, my mind may be changed. It was fun and went down to the last roll in a close assault roll.

Also, one of the blogs I follow, Sgt Steiner, just posted an AAR he played of WSR, go check him out.

Final Close Assault roll
US Paras save the day

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