Monday, October 15, 2012

The Alamo Game

Jerry put on a great game using a ruleset that he and Jake Strangeway are working on. They may or may not publish. If not, then I will post the rules.

They're fairly straightforward and quick to remember. This was a Playtest for the game he's putting on at Command Con in November.

The most memorable thing that happened is on the North Wall - You can Push ladders off the wall. However, the figure doing it, is exposed to enemy fire. Every time Tim tried to push, Rollie would shoot and kill the pusher. Every. Time. Funny for all of us. Probably not so funny for Tim.

There are fun rules for dropping fused shells on the Mexicans, spiking guns, and Heros/officers shooting pistols into powder kegs to sacrifice themselves and all those within a 4" diameter circle.

His Excellency, Generalissimo y Presidente Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Mexican overall commander and commander of the Zapadores): Jim
General Martin Perfecto Cos, leading the attack against the west wall: Bill
Colonel Francisco Duque, leading the attack against the north wall: Rollie
Colonel Jose Romero, leading the attack against the east wall: Will
Colonel Juan Morales, leading the attack against the south wall and palisade: Josh

Commander of the eastern defenses and co-commander of the Alamo: Ed “Jim Bowie”
Commander of the Alamo Reserve and co-commander of the Alamo: Jon “William Travis”
Commander to the north wall defenses: Tim “Captain Dickinson”
Commander of the south wall defenses: Matt “Davy Crockett
Commander of the West wall defenses: Todd “Major Jameson”

Jerry reads my blog, if you have any questions fire away.

Pictures may be found here on the BMHGA

And video here

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