Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Gun's of August Pics

Here are some pics of the evening session of the BMHGA's one day con called, Guns of August. It was held at Game Nite and seems to have had a good turnout.

Here are a couple pics of the games:
Chris Fawcett's Lorraine WWII, Operational game:

What would've been a cool Brit on German WWII Naval battle in the Fjords of Norway...but it fell through and didn't happen - but I did get a couple of good pics:

Another boardgame adaptation by Dave. This time using Battle Cry and Severed Union miniatures from Gordon and Hague.

Napoleonics by Mark Johnson

And finally Boer War, by Blake

Blake's already posted some pics on his blog, Blake's Gaming Adventures - go check 'em out -

Go check out the Picassa album for more Guns of August Pics.


  1. Some kick ass photos there, LOVE the naval shots and the redcoats all lined up!

    Great stuff, make more videos!

    1. thanks - man, my schedule has just gone all to crap and it's been tough for me to do much of anything besides life.