Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Painting 15mm Plastic Soldier Company

Well, I spoke it (trying 15mm) in a previous posting and here I am trying it - and liking it. The 1:76 scaled stuff just didn't do it for me. Such a strange thing, it wasn't even a "lose interest" thing. It was more of a, "I just don't enjoy this" thing. The stug was okay, but the bren carrier was just torture. Very weird. I've not experienced this before in the was like a task at work that you despise.

Despise - strange. So, I put it away in the zen like way of knowing that I don't have enough hobby time to spend on things that don't bring an inkling of pleasure. So I put them in the box with the other 1/72 scale stuff for that day when:
  • I decide to trade for something I am interested in.
  • Sell it - though, honestly, they won't get much
  • Get a different urge and paint it and play with it.
With all that said, I was nervous about the Plastic Soldier Company set because  you have to put on these tiny heads and arms on a few of them. (Must be something with the extrusion process that they can't get them in one piece.) So I've assembled and painted a few - and have enjoyed the process. It's taken a little over an hour to do these. A little more speed would be nice.

Also, I would not put them on a board like this again, It's hard to manipulate them without bumping some of the previously painted ones.

And, I would prime in black/dark grey. At this scale you the light primer defintely shows your misses. It doesn't really make a differnce on the 6mm I've painted. However, at this scale it does.

And, I would paint the skin, just like most of the tutorials say, after the first base coat of uniform. Then touch up uniform, then boots, helmet and other details.

So, here are several sets of videos that I've done showing my progress: