Tuesday, July 31, 2012

timmy! is painting for real

My new found gaming friend - timmy! - is starting a business that paints miniatures, etc for companies - here's his explanation:

This is a sample figure for Xan miniatures out of Spain. It is 18 mm.

Xan is focusing on Napoleonic Peninsular War right now along with 20mm WWII.
I was asked to be a figure painter for them and am working on some other deals with them.

My website soon to be up is www.specialartisanservice.com(not up yet - but I'll let you know when it goes up.)

I paint and take pictures of minuatures for companies looking to market their product.

I can be reached at spakot@gmail.com

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  1. Way to go Tim! Hey, I like the fact that this Spainish miniatures company is also making 20mm WW2 figures, weapons, & vehicles.