Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pathfinder - first session Goblin Attack

Ichiro survives the first session - a Goblin attack on Sandpoint.

However, my first two combat rolls:
1 a critical miss
Confirming roll - 2
Fatigued for the rest of the the day. Fortunately one of the other characters heals me of this very soon after.

2nd combat roll:
1 - critical miss
Confirming roll - 2
This time blinded for a couple of rounds.

Moving on, it was fun. The GM is trying something where each of the players get to have and set up a scene. It's like improv. I can determine a lot where the story goes. And the then the next player riffs off of that.

It's nerve wracking coming up with what I want to happen next - but is was also interesting.

The secret goal was to find the head of the Goblin attack. We did right at quitting time. Next time will probably be interrogation time.

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