Friday, July 27, 2012

Keep Playing Even if You Suck

That's pretty harsh - suck. My point is this and it's a short one. I've mentioned that I'm getting ready to play in my second ever RPG, Pathfinder, Rise of the Runelords. Well, I'm not very good at it. Last time I had a hard time remembering what the heck was going on in the big scheme of the things and I also didn't feel real adept at the role playing portion.  Though I've been told that DnD 4 is a tad different than this version I'm getting ready to play.)

One genius thing I did: I shot one of my co players in the back with my bow in the first day of gaming. Nice work.

Another great moment - I asked as we were sitting down to play for the first night, "This is a cooperative game right?" Just like the saying goes,
"It's better to be thought the fool than to open thy mouth and remove all doubt."
Another genius move: In the con game I played in most recently, GQ3, I shot out a spread of torpedoes in such a manner that the guy commanding the other US ships had to completely change his course to avoiding being struck by them.  I miscalculated the timing of them and when things happened - whoops.

My point to all of this and one I tell newbies at Geekway and anyone who's thinking about minis: just try it and relax doing it. Even if you think you're going to be terrible. Give it a shot because most gamers are pretty relaxed and will roll with the punches. Especially if they see that you're wanting to get better and do your best.

And, if they don't and get all worked up about you playing, then they suck.

Go to Demotivators to see the contents of the poster. This is a great company. Why? Because I have a couple real motivation posters that I really like and that inspire me. But these make me laugh and that's also very motivating. If I ever get my own office again, I would like to hang the large motivational poster and then also hang one of these.

In fact, one more just for kicks:


  1. Hmmm... you seem to be in low morals today... not looking to break you down completely but the first picture (the tennis player) in the post is so small that it's impossible to read...

    1. Anibal, my morale is fine. I'm a strong believer in laughing at myself (there's so much material that i'll never run out...)

      Now, as far as my "low morals", there's no doubt about that! ; )

      I'll make the picture a bigger link.

  2. I'm thinking that more often that not it's the game scenario or situation that sucks, rather than the players themselves (if they possess any degree of common sense). Hard to tell an RPG game master that his game sucks, w/o it not affected ones future fortunes in it. ;)

    1. In this case Dave I can't blame the GM/DMs. All my poor decision making. But this is one of the reasons I like wargaming - I can make mistakes, just like real commanders. And the only thing hurt is my pride, not the lives of soldiers and the fate of a nation.

  3. lol and good advice. Don't get too caught up in "winning." I've had to learn that lesson myself. ;-)