Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another visit to TableTop Game and Hobby

Some of the great looking models painted up in TableTop Game and Hobby in Overland Park, KS. There's a lot more painted up models and again, a great selection and a fun looking store. This is just my second time there, but the thing I noticed this time, great lighting and space. Very welcoming atmosphere to the gamer and non-gamer. Looks like they're working on their website - these can take a lot of time and I'm sure it's tough for a small business owner to spend time working on this part of the business simply because of the time investment and the potential return.

The staff, on both visits is very nice. Good stuff. I wish they were closer (about 3+ hours away). If you're driving through the Kansas City area, check them out. They're only about 3 minutes off 435 highway - easy to find.


  1. Very cool wares; great to see a store like this in age of the internet and all. Best, Dean

  2. Indeed! Nice looking minis, and glad they have the lights on (that's really no joke).....I always get the creeps when a shop looks/feels more like a crypt than a welcoming place of business.

  3. Some very nicely painted models there :o