Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Priming, Painting and another P Word

Experimenting with ways of brushing on german camo

After the camo job, with the paints used - it looks okay, a little too washed, but okay
After the wash and gloss coat, next - decals and flat - oh yeah, tracks
After that, finish the Bren and 6PDR - something has to bring that monster down

Hobbytime one day - Litko mini splashes, GaleForce Nine bases, FIB infantry, CDTOB markers
Wargamers Cave in Granite City Illinois

Wargamers Cave in Granite City, IL Forged in Battle Goodness!
Some photos from recent hobby stuff.
Just about done with the Airfix Stug III, 1:76 scale. Just need decals, which I've not done in ages - 30 years. Matte varnish and tracks on. I like the camo job I did on it, though it could be a bit more pronounced.  A second, less watered down layer would do the trick.

Next up is finishing the Bren and 6 pounder. It is fiddly as all get out. Funny, I just read that on someone's blog about the plastic kits found in the Battlefront Achtung box set. That they are less fiddly than the airfix. That would be nice.

I also finished some order cubes for Command Decision, Test of Battle. They turned out okay, If I need too many more, I'm tempted to buy the order cubes they sell.

I bought some of the Litko mini splash markers to use for Naval Thunder. Litko has some cool stuff. I wish they weren't the only US company making bases - wait, there's also Gale Force Nine, and ???  I bought them at Wargamers Cave in Granite City, IL. The markers are cool looking and were $6 for 10. And I got to use them...more on a later post.

While at the Wargamers Cave, I also bought some Forged in Battle 15mm Russians and German infantry. timmy! recommended I look there for these. They're both platoon packs with 40 some figs.  First some thoughts on FIB figures:
  • $17 for 40 figs makes about 12 infantry stands for CDTOB, 4 Inf Cmd Stands, a Battalion Command Stand and a couple MG stands. (though it appears I may have been slighted a MG stand. There's one firing and one with the soldier carrying it down facing. .. I would rather have two firing. They show two firing in photos on site...)
  • nice sculpts with nice detail 
  • looks they'll need minor clean up - though I can feel they'll need a good hot water and soap bath
  • price seems decent - though you still have to buy stands for them - though I would anyway. I say all that because these are obviously designed for the Flames of War player in mind. FOW soldiers come with stands. Though they Showed me some cool rubble stands at the Cave.
  • not a lot of variety in the figs - not that big o deal, but I can see it turning some people off
Second, on the store - he can get a ton of stuff special ordered. But he stocks a lot of FOW alternative stuff which I think is cool. He has a great selection of the Forged in Battle product. Pretty small shop, just room for three tables, but that's okay. Though I was surprised it was empty for a Sunday afternoon. Next time I will shop online or via phone and have it shipped for $6. It's about 60 miles from my house, so it's worth it to have it shipped.

I was tempted by the FIB figures and the Plastic Soldier company ones. However, the fact that you have to assemble the plastic figs kind of freaked me out a bit. Silly, I know, but I'm used to 6mm, where I've not had to assemble much. Modelling just isn't my thing. But hindsight, PSC may not be a bad option. First 130 figs for about $30. And they're slightly thinner than their metal counterparts which would make the next purchase:

Gale Force Nine 20mm magnetic bases. Bought these at The Fantasy Shop. 20mm is very small. However, Jerry says his CD are based on 5/8" squares - which is smaller than 20mm! So I'm going to try them out.

At the Cave he can also get the Old Glory line of figures...some of them anyway. I need to send him an email to see what he can get and what cost.

My only concern with this set of minis is that there's a lot of what I need to get to fill out the infantry. Accoring to CDTOB, this set nearly makes up the basics for a Russian battalion, however, there's a lot to get. So, something like Command Decision Old Glory are nice because you buy a bunch of different sets to round things out.

All this is why I don't blame anyone new to the hobby getting into Flames of War. They make it very easy to get involved in miniature gaming. You know your base size, your miniature size, and how to make up units. Great visuals, and even in packs that have exactly what you need. Spoon fed, maybe, but you can get in and get going. And, in many rulesets you can use these as is.

Anyway, that's it for now - in the future:
A Naval Thunder play.
A quick Black Powder ACW test
An Aces at Dawn play
Planning an army
Plans for the year...need a focus and a plan

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