Saturday, May 5, 2012

Punch & Play for Geekway 2012

Today is the annual punch & play event as we are 2 weeks out from the 2012 Geekway to the West boardgame con.

This is where we get the games ready , punched, bagged, stickered and inventoried for the "play and win" table. We also play them to make sure someone is able to teach them.

Geekway to the West's Play and Win table is a highlight of the convention. Many (generally over 50!) games are available to be played and all of them will be given away on the last day of the convention. The more you play, the better your chances of winning! Stay tuned to see what games will be available for 2012!

In addition there are over 600 games in the library to play. Also there are ?? number of games and other giveaways etc.

There's still time to register - go to the Geekway website at

The games I worked on/played:
Last Will - you try to spend all your money an go bankrupt before anyone else so you're rich uncle will inherit everything to you. Brewster's Millions in the Victorian era. Very enjoyable.

Flashpoint - cooperative game where you're trying to save the building and people. Also a good time.

Stickered Commands & Colors Napoleonics.

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