Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Preparing a Table for WWII CD an BKCII

I pulled a Scenario from Bob's great website of scenarios. His main focus is WWII for Command Decision. However, he's many others as well. Go check them out and use for whatever rule system you want.


This is one of the smaller ones that is a German counter attack some US paras in the town of Schijndel.

These pics are of the beginning of the layout. I'm excited to use the new hedges, fields, and town homes.

I know this happens to all of us in this hobby: I swear I bought a church by JR Miniatures...but I can't find it. I'm going to do one more search. This Scenario calls for a church in the middle of town with the best visibility.

Oh well.

I'll add more fields (they are soft and slow down armor in CD) and hedges. I've got all the basics according to his map. But having played so many games on Jerry's tables - I must see more variance.

Again, I would like to try this with my main 2 rules of choice - CDToB and BKCII.


  1. Bobs site is a real treasure.
    Your manefestation of it looks great!


  2. Thank you Cyril. I've added a few more fields.