Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hobbytime Progress 6mm WWII and Fields

Listened to Ben Curry? Interviewed on Point Hammered (explicit warning). He's from The Bad Dice Podcast in England. He spoke about getting at least 15 minutes in a day on your hobby to make progress.

Glued and assembled more halftracks to round out my 56th AIB. In addition made 3 105mm Priests as 3 batteries of battalion support. (each one represents 6 M7s!). Finally, made 3 105mm M4s to round out support of Armored Battalion.

Also cut more fields for the Schijndel scenario. I think the table is done. One of the pics below shows the soldiers eye view of the "church" in the distance. Shows that it has a grey field of view. In BkCII troops in that building's 2nd floor can see over linear obstacles. Need to firm up my understanding of the CdTob rules.

He also spoke about people tweeting #hobbytime to show the world your progress. Fun way to keep yourself going.

And, a pic of just part of the complete rainbow I saw going to work this morning.


  1. Todd, I think having a battleboard set up like yours here, or just a small display area with some terrain to place miniatures on that are WIP, can help keep the creative juices flowing. I have a strip of grass mat that I'm constantly setting my tanks and figures on to keep my painting morale up. :)

  2. I like that idea of putting a small permanent terrai board to place finished models.

  3. Sounds like a good idea indeed, I might start doing it to help me finish my 6mm forces.