Saturday, May 26, 2012

Commands & Colors - Akragas

Finished stickering the game and couldn't resist setting up the first scenario.

This is a battle between Syracusan Tyrants and Carthage. I was soloing this while trying to learn the rules so came up with two different battle plans. The first was with Carthage - I wanted to play them as I've seen a few people, including myself, play this game - rushing my fast units up to do some quick damage and to continue doing this the whole game.

For the Romans I was going to play more conservative. With the emphasis of my first few turns being to get those slow moving heavy units into the battle - and then rushing my fast movers to the rear while the heavies pounded them up front.

Carthage Heavy Chariot Prepares to Charge Light Cav
Carthage moved up those heavy Chariots on the flanks and took a banner fairly quickly on the Syracuse left.  The pic shows the Heavy Chariot before it's charge of the Light Cav.  The bow units and Auxilla sitting to the right of the Light Cav avenge their brothers' destruction. 

Perhaps this was a good strategy.

But it would not last.  A couple later took out the other heavy on the Syracuse right.

A few turns later these Heavy Chariots will disappear
The Syracusans were patient and then at the right time drew a line command card - Holy Roman Empire that is one powerful card. But I'd heard about this card which is why I made every effort to get all my units in a line, led by the heavies. The third picture is right after they moved...

Then the next pic is the result in the main area. And the last is the end result and end game as this light cavalry unit is essentially surrounded and forced to retreat. They have to retreat 4 hexes! They were down to 2 stands, retreated to the back of the board, 2 hexes, and then eliminated 2 stands for each hex they couldn't move back.

5th banner and the game.
All the units have moved into position...

There are so many more choices in this game than Memoir and Battlecry. The unit variation is nice as well as all the nuanced actions the leader has.

And the end result of the massive line advance.

And, I come into this game with little Ancient experience so I'm not clouded by liberties taken to fulfill abstraction requirements. If I remember that C&C is an abstract war game I do a lot better.

I can totally see Dave making 6mm for this with big hexes. You could actually play this board with 6mm figs. The little drawings are about 6-10mm tall.
The last banner of the game, the light retreats off the field


  1. Todd, we could do C&C Ancients in 15mm.....quite a few miniature collections of Ancient armies in our area here.

  2. I knew you'd be all over this.