Friday, April 27, 2012

Free GHQ Rules - Sort Of

Buy $100 worth of GHQ and you get a free set of rules - not bad - also they have some sales on a few of their products - Here's the content of their email:

Spring Rules Blowout

We have decided to give you a crazy offer on rules for our miniatures rules- FREE.  This offer is for our full-blown comprehensive rules, not a watered down version.  Just order over $100.00 in merchandise, add in a set of MG-1, MG-4, or MG-9, and use one of the following discount codes:

Use this code for a FREE copy of our WWII Micro Armour rules:


Use this code for a FREE copy of our Modern Micro Armour rules:


Use this code for a FREE copy of our WWII Micronauts rules:


Those discount codes will give you a FREE copy of the rules of your choice if you place an order for over $100 worth of merchandise from now through May 21, 2012.  The cost of the rules will be subtracted from your total, and you will have some FREE rules!  You can mix and match the merchandise that you put into your cart- it does not have to be all the same, or match the type of FREE rules that you choose.

New Website Specials

We have just changed our website specials.  These specials are only available on orders that are placed through our secure website, and are only available for a limited time.  If you see something that you want, ACT QUICKLY, because these specials will only be here for a limited time.  The new Website Specials are:

P-1    TKS Tankette     Was $9.95, now only $7.80, save 22%!!

G-116    Marder II     Was $9.95, now only $7.80, save 22%!!

AC-1    P39 Airacobra     Was $9.95, now only $7.80, save 22%!!

AC-15    MiG 23 Flogger B     Was $9.95, now only $7.80, save 22%!!

AC-17    F15A Eagle     Was $9.95, now only $7.80, save 22%!!

IJN-40    BBAV Hyuga     Was $13.50, now only $10.15, save 25%!!

GWB-5    CA Warrior     Was $9.95, now only $7.80, save 22%!!

GHQ on Facebook

GHQ has been on Facebook for awhile now, and has developed a very nice following.  Many of the things on our Facebook Fan Page can't be found anywhere else.  Some of the topics that have shown up lately have been: photos of pre-production models as they look when they come from our designers (many people have commented about how different they expected them to look), many postings from other GHQ customers who have shown off their work, first looks at newly painted items, special offers, customer polls (we really do use the information when planning models and release schedules), and much more!  So, check it out, see some neat things, have your opinions count, and support GHQ!  You can find our Facebook Fan Page here:

As always, please let us know if we can be of assistance to you with anything regarding GHQ products.

Thank you for your support,

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