Monday, February 20, 2012

Help Make some Roads

I was excited to see that HotzMats was asking a questionnaire about the roads needs of gamers. His first questionnaire he's taken down today. I believe he received over 200 replies! The first survey asked about scales played, types of roads needed and basic size questions.

He still has open a survey on the needs of gamers for the width of roads. Go take it here:

Hotz Mats Road Survey

Btw, I received no compensation from Hotz - just supporting a company I like and want to see stick around for awhile.


  1. I have HOTZ city roads sections. Very nice! Worth getting.

    If you want to weather the roads just either use some drybrushing techniques or even better use an airbrush.

  2. Thanks timmy!, I'll have to look into those as well. Are they flexibile, ie can mold up and down hills.

  3. They are felt which does a good hub with contouring.