Monday, January 16, 2012

Dry dock and volcanos

This isn't much of a video, but here's a couple minutes of me showing the ships I have before and after primer.

I dry brushed quickly a black and a grey. The black looks better. I need to find some color plates/photos to see what I should e doing for paint.

These are the World War II 1/3000 British, German, and Italian ships I bought for a dollar each to play Naval Thunder.

In addition, I made this plaster volcano w my son for his 3rd grades project .


  1. A dollar each? Good bargain. Maybe you can borrow the volcano as a backdrop for a naval game.

  2. Nice naval buy - love the volcano! Best, Dean

  3. Thanks - perhaps it could be a random event. At the beginning of each turn, roll a d100 and if the x number comes up then we put te concoction in the volcano. When it explodes, any "lava" lands on a model, we roll for fire and damage!