Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Final Map for Nordwind Con Game

Just 3 days away to the launch of Operation Nordwind, and what I'm most nervous about is the balance I'd the game.
I played the first two turns last night and it was not going well for the Americans, 2 Inf platoons and 2 tank platoons lost. Germans had lost the Stug.
Need to remember smoke.
Better half saw the table and was very complimentary of the way it looks. Cool.


  1. Looking good! Hope it goes well, and the Yanks don't get blitzed immediately :)

    What were you considering for smoke markers?

  2. For destroyed vehicles I'll use some I made of cotton sprayed black with some touch ups.
    For smoke I'll just use cotton this time.

  3. Ahh, I just got a load of ready dyed black cotton wool smoke from Peter Pig many years ago - saved me the effort of dying it!

    But I do fancy making some 'based' white smoke templates for actual smoke screens. Would save effort in the long run...