Monday, October 10, 2011

Nordwind Minis Progress

Was unable to do any work this weekend, so now, I'm having to work like crazy during the week.
Painted camo on Panther Company
and depleted assault gun battalion (5 hetzers, 2 stugs, and 2 Jagdpanthers)
Also painted olive drab shirts on Engineer Battalion (such thing?)
and volksgrenadier/late war Battalion
and 6 gun crew
and 3 spare HQs
and 2 stands of PanzerShreks
3 stands of COs (one engineer, one panzer faust, and one generic)
3 stands of observers
3 HMGs
4 L/MMGs

Also painted tracks on 76mm Sherman company.

The details on this set of tanks is incredible.

Will also update my spreadsheet.

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