Thursday, September 15, 2011

GMing - WIP - Models

Built the 76mm Shermans, 5 Panthers, 5 Hetzers, 2 Jagdpanthers, and 2 Stug IIIs. I decided to not build out the other tanks for the sake of finishing what I need for the game. This is tough for me to do because I want to just complete them all at once.

Built them so I can primer. While that is drying I'll work on my German infantry, where I'm going to attempt to paint them as late war with the pea-dot, etc.

In between those units I'll put flocking on the 250s and 251s that are nearly complete.

Updated the GMing spreadsheet on the other page.


  1. Yes it is and I sometimes wonder what I may have gotten myself into. However, I really want to find some opponents for this and a couple other games, so I'm going to have to be ambitious! : )