Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GMing continues - German Army list - first run

Here's my attempt at the German list. It is tough to not include everything. Their list represents 4,355 points. Technically, they're on the defense...but then on the attack. But in real life, the Americans were surprised by the opposition in Herrilsheim. They thought there were 500 odd troops of questionable quality. When in fact there was at least a Battalion from the 553 Volksgrenadier Division.

I've reduced them a bit and also the US troops to represent the losses they'd taken earlier in the day. Also, I've represented a spattering of units because it appears there was a variety of equipment and units available. And I couldn't resist having 1 platoon each representing a Assault Gun Platoon.

CO (CV9)
1 Recce Infantry
1 Recce (Sdkfz 250/9)

Elements of the Regimental Guns (placed in the outskirts of The Stainwald forest and on a railroad embankment)
HQ (Cv8)
1x IG, 75mm, IG-18 (Gun Pit)
1x ATG, 75mm, Pak-40 (Gun Pit)
1x ATG, 88mm, Flak-36 (Gun Pit)
1x Heer Conscript Platoon w Panzerfaust (Trench) (Attached from 3Co/553)
1x MG-34/42 (Trench)
1x 81mm Mortar
2x Trucks
1x JagPanther (Assault Gun Platoon attached from Jagdpanzer-Abteilung von Luttichau)

In Herrilsheim (1st and 2nd Cos V/Regiemtn Oberrhein/553 VG Division)
2x HQ(Cv8)
6x Heer Conscript Platoons w Panzerfaust
2x MG-34/42
2x 81mm Mortar
1x IG, 75mm, IG-18
1x ATG, 75mm, Pak-40

HQ (CV8) (2 platoons from Jagdpanzer-Abteilung von Luttichau)
1x Stug-III
1x Hetzer

Beginning offboard from Offendorf elements of 10SS Panzer Division
1st Company
HQ (Cv8)
3x Pzkpfw V

3 Company
HQ (Cv8)
3x Pzkpfw IV

Now here's a crazy thing I've added because of the following story and I thought it would be fun for the German player: there was a Wittman like figure that emerged for the Germans. Erwin Bachmann basically lead a couple of Panthers into Herrilsheim from a motorcycle (carrying a panzerfaust) and ended up destroying 7 Shermans and capturing 12 more. They would later be used in Russia.

To represent this, I thought I would throw an HQ (CV9) and 1 Panther in Herrisheim in some turn to see what kind of damage they could do.  Just a thought

Images from Wikipedia and http://beute.narod.ru/Beutepanzer/us/M4_sherman/m4-75-sherman-01.htm

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