Friday, August 12, 2011

Cool Game Stores & Distraction Alert

Saw the above displays at Valhalla's Gate in Columbia, Missouri. It's a great board game, miniature, and RPG store in the SouthEast part of town. Whenever I'm passing through between KC and St Louis, I try to stop by. They even have some 6mm terrain. They have several cases of painted minis like these Dystopian Wars Prussian and Rising Sun land models. I probably should've bought the JR minis roads I saw there. Instead I picked up 4 D10inD10 dice to use with Command Decision, 30 5mm dice (casualty markers for Blitzkrieg Commander), and a 50% off Heroclix box for the boys.

About an hour and a half before that I discovered, Tabletop Game and Hobby, located in Overland Park, Kansas. Similar stock as Valhalla's Gate. Both stores also had ample gaming space. And, they also had some 6mm items. I bought a pack of JR Miniatures buildings there. By the way, I just saw the picture of the building I bought on the JR site... based on the photo I probably wouldn't have bought it, but in the package it looks better than the photo - it comes unpainted of course.

And, a week before that I was in Independence, Missouri, and visited, for the first time, Game Cafe. Very helpful manager. He stuck with us for a long time as the boys picked out some specialty HeroClix from behind a cabinet. There was a magic tournament going on and it was crazy there. Lots of board games and card games. Some GW minis were there, but that's about it for minis. I  did pick up the black wash to give it a try. The board games were chaotic and quite disorganized. Stores like this I wish I could help out.

In all 3 stores I saw non-gamers (so it seemed) come in and say out loud, "We're looking for a game." Not that any of them wanted it, but not a soul helped them out. Sad.

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