Thursday, December 12, 2013

Going Down the Thomos Hole

No, the title doesn't mean what you think it means you crazy fools.  It means that I've begun my descent into 6mm WWII Soviets.  

A friend has a very extensive collection of 6mm Germans, Soviets, and others and looking to get out of the scale and invest more heavily into 12mm (for his homebrew rules) and other scales for other periods.

So he's offered up his collection to the local crew for some great prices. Well painted stuff, most based and painted better than I could do. Much of it is GHQ (1st generation and up), some CnC, and a smattering of Heriocs and Ros tossed in for good measure. So basically, I'm buying them off and on as I save up a few bucks and load up each month.  Who knows, with the holidays approaching, I may have some extra cash.

So I should have everything I need in equipment to play the first couple IABSM scenarios out of the Vyazma or Bust campaign book. I will use Amis to be Soviets initially. And some trucks will also be Ami.  I need to get with him and see what he has that could also compliment some Command Decision Scenarios.

So, where does this leave my 15mm project? Slowed down. I stalled out because it will be ages before I have enough to play the Command Decision Scenarios. In addition, I've stalled out on the skirmish side of things having tried a few rules sets and finding them wanting. I really wanted to like Bolt Action. Then Rate of Fire...then Chain of Command. Though the last is still up for grabs because I've not played it officially yet. But I can tell that I may struggle with it for time sake.  

And then there's the homebrew of BKC in Skirmish form I may work on, though it's a lower priority.  

Am I sorry I've based them two to a stand for CD:TOB? Kind of. But ultimately not too bummed because I believe I would still like to give this a go.

And of course, here's a video of the collection with me sharing many of the same thoughts.

Thank you Dave for the great deals. And it looks like you may have yourself an annuity for the next few months!

And here's the story that originally inspired me, thanks Thomos.  Next time I'm in Singapore, I'll drop by and say hello.
From Thomo's site - used blatantly w/o his permission


  1. Permission granted for the picture and I'm glad I've dragged you over to the dark side.

  2. I found Vyazma or Bust a excellent mini-campaign. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did.